The Start of an Adventure(r)

Seven months ago I went on the trip of a lifetime to Big Bend. I’d never been camping before, and I’d never hiked more than 5 miles in a day. As an inexperienced hiker and camper, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into by deciding to venture into the desert during the summer heat. (Hint: A heat stroke was in my future as was camping next to a bathroom stall with a billion mosquitoes in my tent.)

Even though there were some snafus after that trip, I fell in love with the views and with testing my physical limits. I furiously began planning the next trip and the next and quickly realized that having a single source of info on the areas, activities and dangers was REALLY, REALLY difficult to find. It was even harder to tell if some of the hiking reviews were done by novices or experienced hikers (which lead to me getting stuck on the side of a mountain, true story). This blog is my attempt to put the info on my travels into one place for novices like me, who are just trying to get out there and see the world without dying in the process.

Cheers to not dying,



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